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Jürgen's Travel Photos

A selection of travel photos from the last years


In March and April 2021 by camper through Sweden via Telleborg, Jönköping, Umeå, Luleå, Kiruna, Åre, Karlstad, Göteborg and Malmö

67 images


Camper trip in the summer of 2021 with various stops in the Alps, Toskana, San Marino and Abruzzo

22 images

New Zealand

With a rented camper for 2 months through New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island

44 images

Western Europe

With the camper through southern France, Spain, Gibraltar to Portugal

41 images

Southern Europe

Via Croatia, Montenegro and Albania to Greece and back via Italy

58 images


With the camper along the Norway coast to North Cape and return via Finland and Sweden

22 images


Trade show visit in Austin with detour to Huston and Dallas

4 images


It is tedious to enumerate which alpine peaks I have already climbed. Here is a selection of photos that have been taken.

28 images


Collection of the best photos from my numerous trips to Slovenia

10 images

Western USA

California, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada by rented car

58 images


A photo collection from my second Australia trip via Sydney to Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne to Tasmania

111 images


Spend the rest of the annual vacation in Cuba with excursions around the country

31 images